Monday, November 2, 2009

Cool design collections from industry designer Karim Rashid

The Collections


Karim Rashid is a leading figure in the fields of product, interior, fashion, furniture, lightingdesign and art. Born in Cairo, half Egyptian, half English and raised in england and canada. he received a bachelor of industrial design in 1982 from carleton university in ottawa, canada.


Cool design product sculptures Vase, tactile vase designed for duel placemants , made of porcelin in Germany.


Cool design product shelving with convex curve.


Cool design product Kup, Container produced in aluminum, can be opened along a horizontal axis, designed to serve as needed for ash disposal and numerous other desktop functions.


Cool design product Magino small stool, formed acrylic stool plus magazine rack, which can also be used as a side table for adaptable living preferences.


Cool design product Jimini Creamer and Sugar, beautifully paired and elegant sugar and crean servers, enhance any table setting with a pair.

Karim Rashid design shop

Kurv™ Chair and Kurvman, Designed as a sensuous flexuous ribbon of formed wood frame with upholstered center designed ergonomically for all contexts from office to home with an area below for magazines or to store other objects.

Kapsule Chair
A sturdy child friendly chair. Naturally multifunctional due to its storage and seating capabilities.
Injection molded polypropylene -comes in two pieces
Available in deep purple, Neon Green and Electric blue.

Quadro Side Table. Functional table, suitable for small spaces and to enhance any room. Flat central surface and four rounded sides that open individually to extend the table surface, opaque lacquered wood, 16″ H x 16″/ 47″ W, D. Made in Italy.

Letter S shaped Switch Restaurant


Switch Restaurant in Dubai, UAE by Designer Karim Rashid. A truly unique environment for your dining. Called Switch because it is arranged along undulating walls that change colour continuously which is inspired by the Arabic letter S turned on its side. The design creates an interesting texture for light and shadow.





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